Hi Debbie;
I purchased a male brindle puppy from you last April-ish. I called you I believe before winter to give an update and I
just felt like again giving an update and letting you know how incredibly happy I am with Trooper. I can't begin to tell
you everything he knows or how easy it is to have him around, but I will try to quickly go through:
Even at his young age, he is far better behaved than probably 95% of the dogs we meet and I trust to control him off
leash in any situation. He travels with me in the truck always. He runs along on the trails on nice days when I ride the
horses, and when we go along a road I say 'here' and he stays on my ditch side 1 ft away from the horse until I say
otherwise. He also heals off leash with the 'here' word. He is very emotionally well balanced. He attempts to growl and
look tough when he thinks somethings not
right. Trooper is super respectful with animals and humans. He is very loyal and is at my side when needed and keeps
an eye out to not go far, in and outdoors. He learns tricks faster than any other dog I have worked with. His tricks so
far: Sit. Stay. Lay down. Roll over. Crawl. High five. Up high. Bark. Dance (on hind legs). Walk ( on hind legs) Drive
(puts front paws on steering wheel, looks like he's driving) Bang (plays dead) Jump. Target training in progress to    
teach him to pick up certain items. Back up. Heres a
treat from 'me' (happily takes treat) and heres one from the 'dog catcher' (eyes widen, ears drop, turns head away,
refusing treat) Also, I can give him directions from twenty feet away and guide him where I want. Like I said, I can't
begin to tell you everything about him, he listens VERY well, is so low maintenance, learns these tricks in 5-10 mins
and loves to do it. What a happy healthy lovely balanced dog that everyone adores. And I feel so 'in tune' with him, I
know his expressions and I feel like he tries his hardest to let me know how he feels so I can help (sick, tired, scared..)
before it gets bad. I apologize for the 'essay', hard to say everything and if I tried you would be reading all night.
Very pleased, thank you again;
Jaquelene See

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We recently received this letter from a customer that purchased one of our last years breed.
The following letter is exactly why we do the CRAZY BUGG thing! It also gives an excellent insight to our
Bugg's temperament and intelligence Also be sure to visit our Home Page! and Available Puppy pages!
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