Canada's Premier Breeder of Quality Buggs For Discriminating
Pet Owners.
Since 2002 we have been developing this new breed through a stringent breeding program
using lineage proven to produce only healthy and sound animals.
We are a family that loves our animals. A requirement of ownership is that you stay in touch
and update us to the condition of your baby, as we consider our babies as living extensions of
our family. On rare occasions we do breed pure bred Boston Terrier Puppies and Pug Puppies
to reinforce our breeding stock. In which we will keep selected pups for breeding and offer
their brothers and sisters for sale. Even though our pure bred breeding stock comes from CKC
Registered animals, we do not paper our pure bred animals as we solely promote the Bugg
We practice only responsible breeding techniques and at all times consider our animal's well
being, both in state of mind and in health first and foremost.
All births are fully assisted and are an awesome family event and celebration! At all times
during the delivery great care is taken to relieve the stress for mom. They are pampered
lovingly while nursing and want for nothing. As a result of this all our girls are nurses so it is
quite easy to distribute the load evenly amongst them allowing for even further relief of the
stresses of motherhood.
Pug n Bugg
714 12th Street
Castlegar BC

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Hybrid  VS. Purebred

We are responsible breeders. It is our only intention to provide only the healthiest puppies available. We do this by ensuring only the finest
in genetics through Selective Breeding Practices, Genetic screening, and breeding only Hybrid Buggs.
It has been proven that the crossing of 2 separate pure breeds is like hitting a genetic reset button that in effect cures all or most genetic
illnesses predisposed to the two separate breeds crossed.
Todays Pure Bred dogs suffer from a ton of predisposed genetic illnesses, most life threatening and some costing thousands of dollars in vet
This is due to closed breeding practices, and shallow genetic pools.
Pure bred breeds are the target of many puppy mills as an endorsed piece of paper adds $500.00 to the price of a pup.
At Bugg and Pug we truly care about our animals and our customers become our friends. Because we care we stand behind each and every
pup that leaves our home, We welcome all contacts from our new friends and are there to support when support is needed we also include a 3
year genetic health guarantee on all our puppies.  
We ask you not to buy into the popular misconception that a pure bred dog is superior to a hybrid when in fact it is the hybrid that is superior
in every way that is important. Vitality,health,and intelligence are only a few of the benefits you will enjoy from our hybrid Buggs.

The Perfect Family Dog!
We constantly get comments from our customers regarding receiving compliments from complete strangers about our dogs intelligence,
obedience, and general appearance! The Boston Terrier is known to be one of the smartest dog breeds available only they are a very high
strung, active little dog  . The pug is known for its slower lifestyle of being a notorious couch potato and all round seeker of attention.
Together, you get a well adjusted very intelligent agile happy dog that Lives to Play and Loves to Please! Fly Ball by day, Lap Dog by night
A photo journey collaborating 7 years of dedication
to the Bugg Breed and excellent breeding practices
Home of The *LOVE BUGG*
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Dog Breeder

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